Drawing on Influence

The brief was to “prepare an analytical drawing / drawings of a ‘personal precedent that influences your work’. The drawing should convey its contextual, spatial and tectonic essence, for informal pin-up and peer review”.

The buildings chosen were:

Una Breathnach-Hifearnain: Copper House II by Studio Mumbai

Oliver Beddard: New Art Gallery Walsall by Caruso St John

Nick Chantarasak: Chichu Art Museum by Tadao Ando

Alasdair Travers: House in Linton by Stephen Yakely

Ellie Garrard: Sainsburys Laboratory  by Stanton Williams

Dan Talkes: Muuratsalo Summerhouse by Alvar Aalto

Jamie Mcghee: Würzburg Museum im Kulturspeicher  by Brückner & Brückner

Rob Neal: Edmund de Waal Studio and Gallery II by DSDHA

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